Songs of a flower fox
Sing me a new song, little fox. In the garden of

dead deers, where

grows on their decayed horns. Sing me a new song on how you murdered them all.

It has been years isn’t it? Well, it’s just months.

But guys, I am very busy and I am not that sure if I am going to continue my life with Sims 3. I’ll think about it, but as for now, I won’t. I hope everyone is okay with my decision.

But once I get back, I’ll be on the usual and normal track. I love you guys ♥ I’ll try to dig up my archives so I can post some photos I have left.

I love your sims! And your cover for your story looks great. Keep up the good work<3 -New Follower.

Thank you so much ♥♥♥

hi! i dont know if someone told you this already but do you know that tumblr only count the first 5 tags into their tag tracking system? :p so you have like more than 10 tags in your downloads and they wont even show up :(

Really? I didn’t know :/

Sorry for the recently unannounced semi-hiatus. I’ll be off on this week or maybe a few more days from Simblr for a lot of reasons (but I will check on my blog as much as I can). I hope everyone will be patient. I’ll be back and surely will have a surprise for my follower milestone again. Thanks ♥


Well… First and the most effective one is I am really really bored with Sims right now and I can’t get myself to go in-game. Second, my cousins are here for computer games, not for social life. And I know that. So I let them use before they actually doze off, which takes up my time and actually makes me doze off earlier than they do. Third is that I am under some job right now, and money matters a lot to me. It’s not a big thing, but it’ll be better than simming for days. And plus, they pay me. XD But it’s only for a three days or more.

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